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The Services of Our Landscape and Hardscape Contractor

If you find it tough to keep your lawn in prime condition, let go of your worries! The lawn care services of Sunrise LLC are at your disposal, ready to elevate the charm of your outdoor space into an eye-catching sanctuary. Tap into our quality landscaping services in Georgetown, TX and witness how effortless achieving a picturesque yard can be—allowing you more leisure time to relish.

Our Services

Concrete Work

Concrete Work

Concrete serves as the foundation for a multitude of construction projects. Our hardscape contractor brings precision and durability to every job, ensuring your pathways, driveways, and foundation work exceed expectations in both functionality and design. We blend art with technique, delivering concrete solutions that stand the test of time while catering to the unique requirements of each project.


The exterior of your home or business is a statement of style and a shield against the elements. Our siding services offer an array of materials and finishes to meet diverse aesthetic preferences while prioritizing structural integrity. We focus on seamless installation or replacement that provides not only an instant facelift but also enhances insulation and protection for your property.
Tree Cutting

Tree Cutting

Trees add beauty and value to any landscape, but they require careful management to ensure safety and health. With an emphasis on sustainability and meticulous care, our tree cutting services address potential hazards, promote natural growth, and clear unwanted branches or trees. Our approach is detail-oriented, ensuring minimal impact on your property while maintaining the balance of your outdoor space.

Benefits of Our Lawn Services

Envision a seamlessly groomed landscape, complete with lush grass, blooming flower beds, and precisely pruned shrubs—that could be your reality. Opting for our premium lawn services means receiving meticulous attention from our well-versed landscaping contractor whose goal is to preserve the splendor and health of your lawn throughout each season. Here’s what we offer:

  • Enhancing Curb Appeal
    Our service not only beautifies your green space but also amplifies property desirability, making it a standout feature in your vicinity. Trust our proficiency to spark conversations among neighbors about your immaculate yard.
  • All-Inclusive Lawn Maintenance
    From routine grass cutting and edge trimming to elaborate watering systems and pest defense measures—we cover all aspects needed for maintaining excellence in lawn care.
  • Tailored Care Plans
    Recognizing the distinctive character and requirements of every lawn, we invest time in forging specific care programs that align with both the lawn’s demands and the owner’s visions.
  • Saving Time and Money
    Entrust us with the tedious tasks of lawn upkeep. We deliver cost-efficient solutions that not only protect your wallet but also reclaim precious time for you to invest as you please.


Our Working Protocol

Experience streamlined professionalism through our refined work protocol, ensuring you receive stellar service at every step:

  • Initial Consultation and Evaluation
    We start by analyzing your current lawn state, pinpointing issues that need addressing during our visit to your property.
  • Personalized Plan Development
    Based on our initial examination, we craft a bespoke plan inclusive of all desired outputs while incorporating any specific needs.
  • Plan Execution
    Our seasoned experts apply their skills using advanced equipment to perform the devised strategy meticulously—revitalizing your lawn efficiently.
  • Ongoing Maintenance
    We regularly assess and adjust maintenance routines to keep your landscape lush and thriving all year round.


Service Locations

In addition to Georgetown, TX, Sunrise LLC extends its landscaping and concrete services across several locations:

  • Weir, TX
  • Taylor, TX
  • Wells Branch, TX
  • Manor, TX
  • Lago Vista, TX

Ready for a modern front yard landscaping service? Dial (737) 230-2052 now in Georgetown, TX and grace your yard with unparalleled professional care.

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by John G. on Sunrise LLC
Beautifully Done

this company marries landscaping and concrete work with unparalleled finesse. Their team harmoniously integrates lush greenery with elegantly poured concrete, creating functional yet beautiful outdoor spaces. Every pathway laid and plant selected reflects their commitment to crafting durable landscapes that captivate and endure through the seasons.

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